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Growing up as a quirky suburban homeschooler from South Jersey, Marcus Akeem has almost always marched to the rhythm of his own drum. His smooth baritone voice is perfect for communicating lyrics that tell a story and is neatly balanced by compelling instrumental arrangements and counterpoint harmonies, that nod at the musical values of antiquity, all the while retaining an unconventional postmodern flare of funky syncopated rhythms and calculated production sequencing that keep it together and all so interesting.

A maestro of all trades, Akeem is free to express his artistic versatility not only as a singer-songwriter, but as a producer, arranger and engineer in his private studio space, modeling an ingenuity akin to artists like Pharrell Williams, CeeLo Green and Kanye West. Both his youthful energy and eclectic style are great for bumping down the road, creating ridiculous TikTok videos or just veggin out with a nice pair of headphones.

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