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Mars Productions


Are you ready to start making your own original music? Imagine being able to compose a track for a movie, produce a jingle for a videogame or create background music for your tik-tok video! Mars Productions lessons can give you the tools to take what is in your creative mind and express it in a song. Our curriculum offers the perfect blend of music theory and computer science for learning an instrument, the fundamentals of songwriting and the art of music production. You will also learn to: 


  • Play/sing scales and chords

  • Compose memorable melodies and hooks

  • Write inspiring lyrics 

  • Produce original beats

  • Arrange and structure songs 

  • Learn musical and technical terms/definitions

  • Mix and master tracks

  • And so much more…….


Ever heard of Soundtrap? It’s very much like an online version of GarageBand that works on all operating systems. You will learn how to navigate the digital audio space, save and share your progress and collaborate with other students your age! So join us as we partner with soundtrap education allowing you to get started right away with little to no equipment necessary. I was only 11 years old  when I first learned how to make beats in  the basement until I grew into the skilled songwriter and musician that I am today. Now it’s your turn to take what is in your creative mind and share your original songs with your friends, family and the whole wide world!

Songwriting: Inquire

Lyrics, Melody, Chords and Concept Mapping

Engineering: $150/track

Mixing & Mastering

Production: Inquire

Recorded Composition, Arrangement, Instrumentation & Beats

Lessons: $60/hr

Voice, Piano, Drums, Songwriting & Music Production

Tracking: $50/hr

Includes: AT4040 Mic, Yamaha MOX 8 Keyboard, Scarlet Interface, Roland Elctronic Drum Set, Pre-Sonus Monitors ect....

Hired/Musician: $50/hr

Keys & Vocals




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